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  • 2018 Nominated for Best Cinematography, NEW MEMORIES, Prix du Gala Québécois, Quebec
  • 2018 Special Jury Prize, GAZA: HEALTH UNDER SIEGE, Oaxaca Film Festival, Oaxaca
  • 2016 Best Canadian Work Award, Un Homme de Danse, International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)
  • 2015 Best Quebec documentary, Ouïghours prisonniers de l’absurde, Quebec
  • 2015 Carrefour Prize / Images of the Global South, NO LAND NO FOOD NO LIFE, Festival del Terre, Italy
  • 2014 Special mention of the jury, NO LAND NO FOOD NO LIFE, Festival de films pour l’environnement, Portneuf
  • 2013 Nominated for Best Documentary, NO LAND NO FOOD NO LIFE, Les Gémeaux, Quebec
  • 2013 Special Mention, Social Justice Oxfam/IDFA Award, NO LAND NO FOOD NO LIFE, IDFA, Holland
  • 2010 Canadian Award for Best Documentary Series, LICENSE TO DRILL, Les Gémeaux, Quebec
  • 2009 Jutra Best Documentary Award, SOUS LA CAGOULD, Quebec
  • 2007 U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor, ICE PEOPLE, United States
  • 1994 Award for best direction, TAQUINONS LA PLANETE, Les Gémeaux, Quebec
February 12, 2020