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A renowned director and cinematographer, Sylvestre Guidi has more than thirty years of experience in film production.
Originally from Montreal, he has collaborated on numerous occasions with renowned directors such as Patricio Henriquez, Michka Saäl and Shuibo Wang and has worked regularly for the NFB, Arte, BBC, Discovery Channel, History Channel and other television networks. Guidi spent ten years in Mexico City as a director, cameraman and editor for Radio Canada, covering Latin America and the Caribbean.



  • 2018 Nominated for Best Cinematography, NEW MEMORIES, Prix du Gala Québécois, Quebec
  • 2018 Special Jury Prize, GAZA: HEALTH UNDER SIEGE, Oaxaca Film Festival, Oaxaca
  • 2016 Best Canadian Work Award, Un Homme de Danse, International Festival of Films on Art (FIFA)
  • 2015 Best Quebec documentary, Ouïghours prisonniers de l’absurde, Quebec
  • 2015 Carrefour Prize / Images of the Global South, NO LAND NO FOOD NO LIFE, Festival del Terre, Italy
  • 2014 Special mention of the jury, NO LAND NO FOOD NO LIFE, Festival de films pour l’environnement, Portneuf
  • 2013 Nominated for Best Documentary, NO LAND NO FOOD NO LIFE, Les Gémeaux, Quebec
  • 2013 Special Mention, Social Justice Oxfam/IDFA Award, NO LAND NO FOOD NO LIFE, IDFA, Holland
  • 2010 Canadian Award for Best Documentary Series, LICENSE TO DRILL, Les Gémeaux, Quebec
  • 2009 Jutra Best Documentary Award, SOUS LA CAGOULD, Quebec
  • 2007 U.S. Congressional Medal of Honor, ICE PEOPLE, United States
  • 1994 Award for best direction, TAQUINONS LA PLANETE, Les Gémeaux, Quebec


director of photography

Critical reviews


Very important documentary that balances first- person accounts from farmers and some industry representatives with an overview of the political and economic forces surrounding the issue.


T’Cha Dunlevy, THE GAZETTE

The best documentaries leave viewers with some rather strong feelings, typically outrage against a devastating problem. No Land, No Food, No Life does just that, exposing the disgusting practices of huge companies, as well as the terrible devastation they leave in their wake.

William Brownridge, TORONTO FILM SCENE

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